Wind turbine noise in Falmouth

12:29 Jan 17 2017 Falmouth, MA, USA

So how did the Town of Falmouth end up with two commercial Vestas V-82 type 1.65 megawatt wind turbines with a warning of two distinct forms of noise "state regulatory compliance" and "nuisance levels" at nearby residences ? The answer is simple and has been avoided for years and it is embarrassing for all local and state officials. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center was tasked with obtaining 2000 megawatts of commercial wind turbines by the year 2020. A calculated gamble was taken to sell Falmouth Wind 1 to the Town of Falmouth. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center dropped all references to two distinct types of noise "state regulatory compliance" and "nuisance levels" or "human annoyance" at nearby residences. The Falmouth studies done after 2005 only reference regulatory noise. The Falmouth wind turbine manager who was also the Falmouth assistant town manager at the time admitted the wind turbine installations are a gamble and the Town of Falmouth can afford to take that gamble. So here you have the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center the original owner with all the wind turbine specifications and warnings drops the warning of two distinct types of noise. The state agency and town also hide a noise warning letter to the Town of Falmouth that the turbines are 110 decibels twice as loud as a General Electric wind turbine. An engineering company prior to the installations of the Falmouth wind turbines prepared Special Permit 240-166 to install Falmouth wind turbine number one. The town avoided Special Permit 240-166 because it would require additional notifications to the neighbors of the wind turbines and hearings at the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals. A public hearing and notification to the neighbors would have drawn attention to prior boiler plate studies done by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center which include state regulatory compliance, nuisance levels, human annoyance and/or infra sound. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center originally gave the Town of Falmouth one million dollars in advance to look the other way. BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT THE LINK ABOVE
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