Renovations did little to abate the noise.

13:58 May 28 2013 Dealtown, ON N0P, Canada

Examination of Nicole Horton Nicole Horton and her family live between the Kruger and Invenergy wind power projects in Chatham-Kent. The two nearest wind turbines are 700 m southwest of the house. Depending on the direction Ms. Horton looks, 8-24 turbines are visible during the day; 120 red warning lights are visible at night on the approach to the house. When the Kruger project started up in fall 2008, it caused noticeable vibrations in the walls of the Hortons’ house. Ms. Horton and her husband spent $80,000 on renovations (insulation, rounded siding, steel roof, and new windows) which have diminished but not eradicated the vibrations. Noise has also been a problem. It is worst when the leaves are off the trees in the forest around their house. Kruger Energy paid for an acoustic study but did not release the complete report to the Hortons. They did receive a summary, however, that showed spikes of sound above 60 dbA. Kruger suggested Ontario Hydro equipment was responsible, but Hydro did not find any problems during a week’s testing. Ms. Horton’s pre-existing conditions relate to PMS. She described herself as a “regular healthy person” before the wind project. Her family had no previous health problems. When the turbines started, the whole family experienced acute nausea. Since then Ms. Horton has suffered from headaches, heart palpitations, internal body vibrations, fatigue, loss of concentration and memory, swollen and dry eyes, and body rashes that left permanent scaring. Her husband has had sleeplessness and periods of moodiness. Her two children have complained of headaches, back and joint pain, swollen eyes, and nausea. The Hortons’ custom-built “dream home” is now a “nightmare.” Ms. Horton feels like “her old self again” when she is away for just a few days. This is true not only when she is on vacations but even when she has traveled to Alberta for a parent’s surgery and for a funeral. Her husband, a fireman, feels better when sleeping on long shifts at the fire hall. The family doctor was at first sceptical of wind turbines as the overall cause but has not found any other explanations. Diagnoses have ranged from allergies to thyroid problems to mood disorder. Medical treatment has relieved specific symptoms. Counselling has provided no relief. She has been advised to renovate her home and/or relocate. The Hortons are trying to sell their house but insist on full disclosure of the problems to every potential buyer. They have also filed a lawsuit against Kruger Energy. Ironically, Ms. Horton liked the turbines when first installed, and even took photos showing the family home with turbines nearby. Now she is depressed that no one in the Ministry of Environment or Kruger has done anything about the reported health problems. Some days she would just like to walk away from the whole situation.
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Wind Company Name: Kruger
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Renovations did little to abate the noise.

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