How do I use the mapping feature when I submit a post?

There are two ways to show a location on the map:

1. You can drag the red pointer to the desired location; this would require zooming in somewhat. Then you must enter at least 3 characters in the 'Refine Location Name' field.

2. Under the map where the box says “City/State or Country”, enter your location (eg. “York St., Toronto, Ontario”).  You must then click the ‘Find Location’ button on the right.
Beneath the map is the “Refine Location Name” field. The location you entered above (York St., Toronto, Ontario) should have been automatically copied to it, along with the postal code and country. You can add/remove the property number, street etc. here if you want, but there must be at least 3 characters left in this field.

Then hit ‘Submit’.

How will my name and email address be used?

Your name and email address will never be displayed on this or any web site. We do not give, sell, trade or otherwise share this information. The only use for your name and email address is to contact you directly for report verification.

How do I edit a post that I’ve already submitted?

If you were not logged in as a user, you will need to contact us and we can make the edit for you.

To be able to have access to your posts for editing, we suggest that each person creates a user account. Up in the left or right hand corner (depending on your web browser) click on ‘Login’. Click ‘Create an Account’.  You will be asked for your name (Used to identify you on the site to other users), e-mail and to create and verify a password. Hit ‘Submit’ and a message well say “Account created successfully. You may log in now”. Then login with your new account.