The best appointment scheduling software for hair salons

Christopher Vigneron
Jan 19, 2022
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The best appointment scheduling software for hair salons

Reservio simplifies appointment and customer management so hair salons and stylists have more time to tackle the Home-bré sitting in your chair—balayage anyone? Accept and track bookings online 24/7, send clients appointment reminders about upcoming sittings, manage customer engagement, plus much more. Discover how to up your hair game with Reservio. 

How do hair salons make the most out of Reservio online booking software?

Reservio appointment scheduling software gives hairdressers countless useful features aimed at automating the entire bookings process. From appointment reminders to client engagement, hairdressers are saving time and money, building up their clientele, and growing their business all online. Read on to see the most useful features of Reservio appointment scheduling for hairdressers

Reservio makes hair salons shine brighter online

Top 5 benefits for hair salons using the Reservio app

24/7 online booking

Search, click, select, and book. That’s all your clients need to do to book a hair appointment using Reservio. 24/7 online booking gives you the opportunity to move away from traditional phone-and-paper reservations. Clients can also choose their preferred stylists, select exactly which service they want, and pick an available time on your booking calendar all online without any distractions to you or your team. Once a client has booked their appointment, simply confirm it and move on with your day. Easy as pie 🙂 Find out more details on setting up and modifying online booking here

Appointment reminders

Hairdressers rely on their clients to show up as scheduled. Reservio gives hair salons the chance to reduce no-shows by up to 73% with the simple, yet elegant appointment reminder tool. Easily set up automatic reminders by email and SMS to keep your schedule running smoothly. Want to learn more? Check out how to set up appointment reminders here

Client management 

Clients are the most important part of your hair salon business. Use the Reservio client engagement feature to make each visit the best experience possible. Can’t remember the hair dye shade a client used last time? No worries! Just look up the client on your Reservio system and check your notes.  

Track client booking history, keep notes on preferred styles and products, and use the Reservio Loyalty Program to build up appointment consistency and a strong following with punch cards and membership packages.  

Business Assistant 

How well is my hair salon actually doing? The Reservio Business Assistant gives hairdressers useful info about their entire business including calendar utilization, revenue, and staff bookings. Use real-time data to make informed decisions and plan your next steps with confidence.

The Business Assistant also gives hair salons the ability to add team members, assign services, and arrange working hours with staff management tools. Reservio gives hair stylists the all-in-one app to run their salon business in style.

Booking widgets 

Booking what? Reservio bookings widgets are nifty little buttons that you can place anywhere on your hair salon website, Facebook, and Instagram for easy, direct bookings. The great benefit of using booking widgets is that it simplifies the entire booking process.

Widgets also turn your social media followers into clients. Inspire would-be customers with pictures of your work on beach waves, shags, braids, and modern-day Rachel looks and get them to book directly from your social media platforms. Found out how to use and place booking widgets here

Streamline your hair salon with Reservio from „Hi“ to „Bye“

Ready to simplify your hair salon scheduling software?

Try Reservio appointment scheduling for free! Sign up now and get full access to all features and tools including 24/7 online bookingsclient management, and appointment reminders during your 14-day trial. No credit card or payment needed!

Experience the hair-bending benefits of moving your scheduling system online with Reservio. Take advantage of the risk-free, 14-day, full-access Reservio trial now.


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