Case study of University Hospital Brno: Reservio facilitates the work of 6,500 employees

Christopher Vigneron
Oct 12, 2021
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How can Reservio help run a massive healthcare institution with thousands of employees? What are the benefits of online booking? What do the employees of the University Hospital Brno think about Reservio?

We sat down with UHB to discuss their experience using Reservio and the benefits it has brought. This case study provides data samples, testimonials from the head of the marketing department, and tips from practice that gives a comprehensive overview of Reservio in practice.

For more than a year, the University Hospital Brno has been using the Reservio online reservation system to book rooms and create facility schedules. UHB is the second largest medical facility in the Czech Republic and a leading European hospital. More information about this leading hospital can be found on its official website. „Reservio now helps organize the time of basically six and a half thousand employees,“ says Marian Bednařík, head of the hospital’s marketing department.

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Pen and paper couldn’t handle our reservations

UHB already had experience with another reservation system, which they used to manage the room schedules. „In March last year, we encountered a hacker attack, which, among other things, knocked out our internal reservation system. We were forced to start taking reservations with pen and paper. Our colleagues had to call to make an appointment and, after a short time, there was quite a mess with all reservations,” recalls Mr. Bednařík.

Based on their employees’ recommendation, UHB chose Reservio for their scheduling and appointment system management. In cooperation with our Customer Care team, the new reservation system was mapped out, designed, and put into practice within a few days. This was preceded by an agreement to provide the system free of charge.

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„We started using Reservio in July last year. Everything went very smoothly and, basically within 7 days, we had the system ready with full operating functionality, meeting all of our reservation needs. The communication with Reservio Customer Care went very well,” says Mr. Bednařík.

Time line of case study

Self-service reservations that everyone can handle

The Reservio Customer Care team helped the employees of the University Hospital Brno choose the right plan to fit their needs. The handy features and tools of Reservio has turned making reservations into an easy-to-use, for-everyone process with the entire staff quickly becoming acquainted with Reservio. Reservations by email and phone became all but non-existent.

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„Everyone has adapted rather smoothly to the new system. Of course, there were a few people who needed a bit of extra time—after all, our hospital has thousands of employees. Before, about 8% of patients called to make a reservation. But now, it rarely happens,” Mr. Bednařík shares.

In addition to creating reservations, Reservio also enables statistics and data reports for specific time periods. University Hospital Brno usually has up to three large-event reservations per day. „Digitization has greatly facilitated the overall functionality of the rooms we manage as a marketing department,“ shares Marian Bednařík. The online reservation calendar, which offers a clear overview of all upcoming dates, is rated as the most useful tool in the Reservio system.

Overview of bookings and staticstics

Reservio saves up to 10 hours per week

The employees of the University Hospital Brno are more than satisfied with Reservio. They see it as an easy-to-use and effective tool that evaluates better than the previous system. „MS Sharepoint was very slow and involved a complicated way of booking, both for users and administrators,“ recalls the head of marketing at Brno University Hospital. In this respect, Reservio exceeds all expectations.

The greatest benefit for the hospital’s employees is the time and work savings. Creating and processing reservations with Reservio is quick and easy. „With Reservio, we save ten hours a week,“ adds Mr. Bednařík. The online reservation system is throughout the hospital beyond the marketing team. Meeting, presentation, and lecture spaces are reserved by administrative staff across all clinics and departments for internal purposes as well as for the medical students at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University.

Benefits of Reservio

A great helper for medical facilities

The employees of the University Hospital Brno see Reservio as extremely useful for medical facilities and other professional institutions. „We unequivocally recommend the system for booking rooms or similar purposes,“ says Marian Bednařík, head of the marketing department at the University Hospital Brno. All healthcare institutions can also use Reservio for free for COVID-19 testing scheduling. Contact our Customer Care team for more info.

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